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Protect your Joy

About Kelly

Kelly Accetta is an internationally recognized author, motivational speaker and TRUTH coach.  Her trainings come from experiential learning and decades of personal growth and development.  Throughout her career she has recruited and trained teams strong enough to be a consistent top producer.  She also co-created one of the most effective training programs in the marketing industry that has developed top producers  and trainers that now span six continents and over 1 billion dollars in revenue for those companies.  Her ability to engage and inspire teams and leaders around the world has led to sustained growth and market retention that is unparalleled.  Her study of human behavior over the last 25 years has produced an ability to train like no other.

Why You Should Join Us

"Surround yourself with people that CELEBRATE you not tolerate you!"

Here in this community that is EXACTLY what will happen.

Kelly surrounds herself with uplifting and joyful people.  You never have to just be around people that don't believe in you or simply tolerate the things you like to do just to be "friends".  Life is too short!

We want you in this group so that you can be filled with Joy and live life to the fullest.  Here you will learn to FIND your Joy, PROTECT your Joy, and FLEX your Joy!  We are happy you are here!

A Big Thanks

I am not where I am today because I did it "by myself"!  First, I have GOD to thank and those that He has placed in my life at different stages of growth.  Here we are true believers of allowing others to SHINE in their strength and lift up others in their weaknesses as they grow in their own strength.  I am beyond BLESSED with the life that I have be given and I plan to share as many moments helping serve others. Thank you to ALL of you that support our mission to toss one starfish back at a time (you have to ask for the story to understand 😉)

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